Ten Things You Should Know About the NASA Budget

1. George W. Bush proposed the Vision for Space Exploration program, which became Constellation, in 2004 as part of his re-election campaign, but he did nothing to build support for the program.

2. Under Bush, no new money was provided to NASA to begin the Constellation program; money had to be taken from NASA science, robotic missions, and human spaceflight programs.

3. To find seed money for Constellation, Bush canceled the space shuttle program and planned to abandon the International Space Station less than five years after completion.

February BAND Meeting

The March 2 primary will be the focus at the next Bay Area New Democrats meeting. Guests will include Democratic candidates for judicial and other positions. Joe Jaworski, a longtime BAND favorite and a candidate for Galveston mayor, will be our featured speaker. We will also talk about what to expect when you attend the precinct conventions the night of the primary.


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