Senate District 11 Chooses Representatives at Convention

Senate District 11 delegates to the Democratic state convention met in a caucus last Friday afternoon and chose delegates to represent them in various capacities, including national convention delegates and Senate District Executive Committee (SDEC) representatives.

Those elected were:
permanent chair - Lloyd Criss
permanent secretary - Don Hill
appointed vice chair - Sherrie Matula

male national delegates - Johnny Shelton, Rick Lord, C.J. Farley
female national delegates - Alta Caligone, Loretta Branch, Linda Harry
at-large national delegate (chosen by convention nominations committee) - Alex Karjeker

SDEC female - Sue Funkhouser
SDEC male - John Cobarruvias
state party officer - Lloyd Criss
Presidential elector - Al Goodson

credentials committee - Monica Morgan
nominations committee - Allen Griffin
rules committee - Albert Gonzales
resolutions - Billy Robinson
platform committee - Darryl Hurt